A New Dubai Service Called ‘Divas On Wheel’s Is Every Little Girl’s Dream


It’s a little girl’s absolute fairy tale. It’s what dreams are made of; the perfect princess pampering palace.

It’s Divas on Wheels!

The pink bus rolls up and rolls out the red carpet because every girl deserves that kind of luxury treatment


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The Divas On Wheels Journey

Divas On Wheels story begins when the founders worked tirelessly to make their dream and reality. No easy feat but finally after 12 months in the making, the big pink bus was on its way! They rolled out on International Women’s Day weekend, March 8 to host a little one’s birthday party. With COVID-19 restrictions, the bus had to park for a long while after just one week.

It’s since been 8 months and while the start-up faced these challenged, they decided to move to the screens, launching Digital Divas On Wheels. Through the online platform, the business grew, with their own daughter becoming the Divas spokeswoman and creating ‘How To’ videos. Like all concerned mummies, Divas On Wheels carefully and safely source all their products and packages to be of the highest quality.



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Divas On Wheels is the ultimate birthday girl’s celebration

For the homey celebrations, Divas On Wheels has 3 amazing packages for all.

Mummy & Daughter Pamper Set

For the quality mummy and daughter time, this package offers amazing products for lux a mani and pedi session.

Perfect Diva Mani / Pedi Zoom Party Set

This is the Zoom party for all the little Divas that are meant for the big screen. The package is lavish quintessentials.

Perfect Diva Facial Zoom Party Set

The party packs every little Diva dreams of having and sharing with her friends. These packages include all the little things that will make her feel like a princess.

More info on the party sets here!


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Mrs Claus’ Christmas Bus is coming to your doorstep

Call up Divas On Wheels so you can meet Mrs Claus and her elves. They’ll drive by to your house and give an amazing Christmas gift to every child. They can even get a picture from inside Mrs Claus’ Christmas bus. Who doesn’t love cookies? Instead of leaving them out for Santa, Mrs Clause is bringing some herself. YUMMY!

Note: The Mrs Clause can see up to 4 kids per 20 minute meeting.

To invite Mrs Claus and her elves, click here.


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Important deets:

Divas On Wheels is the ultimate glamour kids party bus for girls aged 4 – 15
The founders are Eugenia and Vanessa, two mums who help make other children’s dreams come true!

More about Divas On Wheels right here or call 055 598 2180

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