An Influencer Uses A Bidet In Dubai And Leaves Twitter Mistified


An influencer visiting Dubai caused a massive stir on Twitter with a prettyyyy relatable query… what is that sink-y thing next to toilets in bathrooms in Dubai?!

The UK-based influencer took to her Insta stories to share her confusion… and screenshots of her stories started doing rounds on Twitter, with some users calling her out for being “uncultured” and others actually pondering the exact same thing. What is a bidet? How does it work? And what is it for?

The tweet featuring her IG stories snowballed into a full-blown debate with more than 13k retweets, 10k comments and 126k+ likes.

Although her confusion is quite justified, the internet loves trolling and the influencer with the morphea scleroderma condition, who strongly advocates for body positivity, was shot down with harsh comments calling her “ignorant”, “uncultured”, “dumb”, “unaware” and etc.

I honestly don’t know what it’s for lol, feet?

The comments are as mixed as a can of nuts!

Meeru believes that this strange creation ain’t no bidet!

Others are calling this a wudu sink… where one can wash their feet, hands, face, arms and head!

…Urm on the same boat here fam! Same boat!

@Nayole7 tweeted that she thought the ‘shattaf’ was called a bidet

Some call this hand spray a bidet… some call it a shataff, some call it a hand shower… I mean what even.

The google definition for bidet shows, “The traditional separate bidet is like a wash-basin which is filled with clean water, and may then used for many other purposes such as washing feet”

So the influencer wasn’t wrong… just saying.

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