Dubai’s Twitter Agrees That The Future Belongs To Influencers & Brands Like ‘PrettyLittleThing’


Dubai’s Twitter Seems To Agree That The Future Belongs To Influencers & Brands Like ‘PrettyLittleThing’

It’s no secret that and digitalization is taking over EVERYTHING. From the way we run our household and work to schools, payments, shopping, legit everything. So it’s common to wonder if the present is so computerized, what will the future look like? Moving onto to influencers…

Currently, the content creator market is completely saturated in Dubai, however, there’s a line up of aspiring youths waiting to jump on that bandwagon to get reppin’ the luxe ‘fluencer lifestyle.

And coming to brands, labels like ASOS Boohoo and PrettyLittleThing are dominating the market with their genius marketing and streetwear chic collection that has become all the rage thanks to well… influencers, who else?!

This is now… 2021, so imagine 2026! Will influencers take over the world?!

According to a Brit broadcaster, Tony Shepherd, the year 2026 will having you living deep inside the cyber world full time

The year is 2026. Boohoo and ASOS have bought up the whole of the high street and you can only dream of popping into a shop to buy a loaf of bread. Instead you have to order it online after watching an influencer wafting slices in slow motion next to a swimming pool in Dubai.

Will you see Dubai become the new New York? Full of so-called content creators milking the city for all it’s worth?

With e-shopping growing by the day, will it be ba-bye malls and stores by 2026?

Will influencer dictate your everyday routine and your aspirations by 2026?

Will brands like ASOS and PrettyLittleThing dominate your style and OOTDs?

and mainly are these predictions already manifesting?!

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