The ‘Word Of The Year’ 2020 Has Been Announced And It’s Really Not What You Would Have Guessed 


Okay so at first you would guess… coronavirus, COVID-19, MASKS or even sanitizer! But nooo, according to the Collins Dictionary the official Word of the Year for 2020 is actually ‘lockdown.’

No surprise there but still, who could guess the word lockdown outdid ‘coronavirus’ and ‘masks’ lool, because those two words have become a part of our DAILY conversations nowadays.

‘Lockdown’, refers to the containment measure implemented by governments around the world to curb the spread of COVID-19. The lexicographer down at Collins Dictionary chose this as Word of the Year because,

It is a unifying experience for billions of people across the world, who have had, collectively, to play their part in combating the spread of COVID-19.

Collins revealed that they registered over a quarter of a million usages of ‘lockdown’ during 2020, against only 4,000 the previous year.

A 2-week long lockdown was imposed in Dubai on April 4, 2020, where only one family member was permitted to leave the house at a time to shop for essentials like groceries or medicine

Some of the other top words include ‘Coronavirus’, ‘social distancing’, ‘self-isolate’, ‘furlough’, ‘key worker’, ‘mukbang’, ‘BLM’, ‘Megxit’ and ‘TikToker’

2020 was not all about the pandemic, the world also saw major movements like BLM (Black Lives Matter) that pushed for a positive antiracism change in the midst of a raging global health crisis. And one app that reaped the benefits of the pandemic was TikTok, hence the term TikToker for whom TikToking is practically a way of life.

The lockdown may be over, but the pandemic sure is not! Therefore, wearing a face mask in public is a MUST.

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