UAE Petrol Pumps Saw Long Queues Last Night As Fuel Prices Hit Record High – AED4 Per Litre


Motorists across the UAE made it their mission to rush to their nearest petrol pump last night and fill up their tanks before the clock struck midnight.

Fuel prices are seeing a surge in the emirates amid soaring global oil prices.

Global inflation and the rising cost of living mean that many people are trying to cut back on costs and save money, especially on petrol. Thus, here are a few ways in which you can save some bucks on fuel in the UAE:

  • Opting for public transport
  • Buying an electric vehicle
  • Ensuring regular vehicle maintenance, including tyre, oil, water, cooling checks and etc.
  • Drive at a consistent speed
  • Use cruise control on longer journeys

The following is the breakdown price per litre for June:

• Super 98: To cost AED4.15
• Special 95: Priced at AED4.03
• Diesel: To cost AED4.14
• E-plus 91: Priced at AED3.96

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