This Is How An Incredible App Help Saudi Arabia Beat COVID-19


The number of new cases of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia is now below the 150-mark. For a country with a sizeable population and a very high testing rate, this is an achievement in and of itself. But how did it do it?

A lot of it is probably due to an amazing vaccination drive and an innovative app called Tawakkalna. The app comes with a host of features all of which are interrelated helping in keeping a tab on the number of cases here. This is how.

It all started with the app becoming mandatory for everyone.

This was followed by the requirement of having to show the home screen of the app before entering any public place.

The home screen shows the status of the user; whether the person in question is under mandatory quarantine, infected by COVID-19, or even if he/she is vaccinated.


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The app consistently kept on adding features and one of the first was to allow the booking of COVID-19 tests.

When the vaccines came, the app was updated to allow users to book appointments for vaccinations through it as well.


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Even permits to pray in the Two Holy Mosques are now being done through the app.


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For many public places, a gathering permit had to be scanned through the app by visitors, which would keep a tab on the number of people being allowed at a time.

It would also consistently use location access to know if any breaches in COVID-19 protocols had occurred.


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