7 Spots Around The Kingdom To Explore Saudi’s Greener Side

Hera Shabbir

7 Spots Around The Kingdom To Explore Saudi’s Greener Side

Contrary to popular belief, Saudi actually boasts pockets of vibrant green spots around the country! Lush green mounts located in Ahsa, Baha, Asir, and more showcase the most beautiful green farms, trees, and fields! These green heavens actually offer an amazing retreat for visitors flocking in from all over. The next time you’re thinking about a weekend plan, try and keep these 7 places on your list, and enjoy the views!

7 Spots Around The Kingdom To Explore Saudi’s Greener Side

7. Faifa Mountains – Jizan

The Faifa Mountains a stand 1,814 meters high, in the eastern part of the Jizan region. Their vibrant green trees paint a gorgeous tapestry of views, attracting tourists from all over the world. This stunning spot also has many fans and green spots to visit and take some gorgeous pics!

6. Wadi Lajab – Jizan

This green utopia is located northeast of Jizan, in the Al-Raith Governorate. The valley is made up of huge mountains that paint a beautiful picture of greenery, lakes, and waterfalls. This spot definitely has to be one of the most picturesque places in the Kingdom, with gardens on both sides of the valley! Thousands of tourists flock to this spot annually to witness the diverse natural beauty in the Kingdom!

5. Rijal Almaa Village – Asir

This iconic village is also a historical tourist attraction that welcomes a bunch of tourists yearly. Located in the Asir Governorate of Saudi, the 900 year old village is one of Saudi Arabia’s oldest archaeological sites! The gorgeous village is surrounded by valleys, springs, and dense forests. So if you’re looking to visit a spot with rich history, greenery, and take in the fresh crisp air, Rijal Almaa is the place to be!

4. Abu Khayal Park – Abha

Abu Khayal Park, situated in Abha, one of the southern cities of Saudi Arabia, stands out as a striking green haven within the country. Adorned with green terraces, stunning trees, and inviting seating areas, the park invites visitors to unwind amidst its lush surroundings. During winter, a captivating mist actually blankets the park, inspiring the name “Abu Khayal Park” due to its foggy appearance that captivates visitors.

3. Raghadan Forest – Al-Baha

Raghadan Forest is one of the most popular spots in all of Baha. Known for its dense trees, this forest is covered in greenery and trees, on a rocky incline overlooking Al Baha’s King Fahd Obstacle. During the summer, this forest actually hosts a number of festivals and tourist events like the International Honey Festival, Southern Al-Ardah Festival, and several more!

2. Khybar Oasis – Medina

This beautiful oasis is located near Medina, in the northwestern area of the Kingdom. The Khaybar Oasis is known to be one of Saudi’s iconic heritage sites, that houses over 40,000 palm trees! The luscious green palms light up the spot to become one of the greenest and most gorgeous spots in the country. Besides the pretty views, this spot is also said to be located on a black volcano. Some even believe that the foundation dates back to 600 BC!

1. Al Soudah Park – Abha

If you’re looking for the ultimate ziplining experience, then Al Soudah park is where you need to be. This gorgeous spot paints a beautiful green landscape of mountains, clouds, and valleys! Grab the fam for a picnic or take some pictures of the fluffy clouds from this gorgeous spot.


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