Saudi Is Crafting The World’s First Dragon Ball Theme Park!

Hera Shabbir

Riyadh is going full Super Saiyan mode with its latest unveiled theme park that will have all the Dragon Ball fans jumping. The iconic city of Qiddiya, just a bit outside the capital, will feature this gorgeous hub. Apart from the bunch of other major projects in the area like Saudi’s 20-story race track, the Kingdom’s own Six Flags, and a state-of-the-arts stadium.

The Dragon Theme park will feature your favorite parts of the anime hit


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Spanning a whopping 500,000 square meters, this epic destination is set to whisk you away on an adventure through seven distinct zones, each brimming with the most iconic storylines, moments, and characters from the beloved series. You’ll get the chance to dive into fan-favorite locales like “Kame House,” “Capsule Corporation,” and even “Beerus’ Planet” for an immersive experience unlike any other!

The release pics have everyone turning heads!

All the different zones look AWESOME in this picture that gives the most beautiful layout of the iconic project. Looks like people will add yet another irresistible reason to visit the Kingdom soon! Completion dates on the project have not yet been confirmed, but you should definitely stay tuned on LovinRiyadh to be the first to hear any update!


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