Riyadh Is Gearing Up To Build A World-Class Motorsport Track


Rev your engines, folks! Riyadh’s Qiddiya Megaproject is dropping one of the most innovative motorsport tracks in the world, aiming to put Riyadh on the racing world’s radar. 


The Speed Park Track, in the heart of Qiddiya City, is all about high-tech racing vibes and hosting the coolest events.


It’s not your regular race track


Picture this: It will have killer features, and the showstopper is the “Blade” at turn one — a mind-blowing elevated section towering over 20 stories. Abdullah Al-Dawood, the brains behind Qiddiya Investment Co., sees the Speed Park Track as the ultimate play spot, making Qiddiya City a go-to for motorsport lovers globally.


Alex Wurz and Hermann have created a racing thrill ride

Riyadh Is Gearing Up To Build A World-Class Motorsport Landmark

Crafted by former Formula One speedster Alex Wurz and circuit master Hermann Tilke, this speedy track boasts 21 corners and works with Qiddiya City’s ups and downs, giving you an adrenaline rush of over 108 meters per lap. It’s speed and an innovative part of Qiddiya’s entertainment scene all rolled into one. 


Fans get a phenomenal view on top of thrilling races

For fans, it’s not just about the race; it’s about the view. Grab your spot on the multiple terraces around the track and soak it all in. The track vibes seamlessly with nearby attractions, like the “Blade” soaring above a music venue, drivers tearing it up beside Falcon’s flight rollercoaster, and some sections cruising alongside a water park.

Want a sneak peek? Check out the track’s design, signaling a whole new era for Saudi Arabia in the racing game. Stay tuned for more updates as Qiddiya’s Speed Park Track revs up for its moment in the global racing spotlight. 

Get ready for some serious speed and good times!


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