Someone Asked AI To Make Saudi Arabia A Human And The Results Are Quite Interesting

Hera Shabbir

AI has been the hottest trend of 2023 by far, and people have been using it for all sorts of things. Whether it’s Riyadh in the future, famous faces in Ramadan, or even football players 30 years from now! It generates the coolest most unique concepts that you probably thought you’d never see in life. Saudi is a place that everyone is getting curious about with its amazing attractions, and this person’s curiosity went next level. They posted a video in which they showed a bunch of different countries as humans, and Saudi’s results were quite interesting!

This is what AI thinks Saudi looks like as a man and woman

Here’s what other countries like the UK, Nigeria, India, Australia and more look like!


@laidyllic Countries of the world as humans generated using ai #midjourney #aiart #ai #midjourneyart #countries #countriesoftheworld #geo #geography #dalle2 ♬ original sound – L’AI


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