Stranded Saudi Residents Abroad Will Have Their Residencies Extended


King Salman has instructed that the validity of residencies will be automatically extended for expatriates from countries where entry to the kingdom is banned.

Residencies will be extended until June 2 and done so at zero charges to the visa holders

The country’s immigration authority too confirmed that the extension will take place, in collaboration with the National Information Center.

Saudi Arabia resumed international travel from Monday, May 17, although entry is banned from 13 countries, which include Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, Turkey, Armenia, Somalia, Democratic Congo, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Belarus, and India.

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Bring back those tentative travel plans as international flights are expected to resume in some time.

Authorities have confirmed that the restrictions on international travel will be lifted on May 17

The General Authority of Civil Aviation confirmed the date in a statement it sent out to local airports, that all international flights and airports will resume regular operations in May.

Initially, flights were expected to resume by March 31. Read More.

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Muslims performing the Umrah are being been handed sterilization kits as a larger number of worshippers are now being allowed entry to the Grand Mosque.

Worshippers are given bags containing sterilization tools, prayer rugs and umbrellas to the pilgrims

In addition, sterilization efforts for all utilities of the Grand Mosque have been sterilized and workers, as well as pilgrims, are being asked to observe preventive measures to combat COVID-19. Read More.


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