Why Our City Needs Lovin Riyadh

Hera Shabbir

Everyone comes to Riyadh looking for a unique experience, which is when they might search up on the city’s happening events. Once in the city, learning about the community and its people is only natural, and that’s when an article about a creative vlogger or an undiscovered local talent may help.

Since searching up these things yourself take time, it disrupts the busy hussle we have going on with work and deadlines. That’s exactly why Lovin Riyadh exists. We serve as a voice for the city and sharing stories to create a beautiful journey of discovery. But apart from that, why is Lovin Riyadh REALLY needed?

Riyadh has become one of the most thriving and happening cities in the Middle East

People staying in Riyadh know that there is A LOT happening on a daily basis. From festivals, to concerts, to pop-up restaurants with the coolest themes. With a population of 7.6 MILLION people, the city has kept EVERYONE entertained.

Ok, it’s not London

Nor is it Tokyo


or New York City

But every day is better than the next in Riyadh, whether it’s a huge festival with millions of visitors, amazing celebrity visits, or unique milestones achieved by the community. Although a lot is happening here, people still tend to have a few misconceptions of the modernization and lifestyle in Riyadh. Sometimes, people judge a place without getting to really know it and that’s why Lovin Riyadh is here to make sure those things don’t happen.

Mohammad Bin Salman gave an interview recently in which he expressed his principle of growing and constantly transforming the country in any way possible. He had explained that if we have an opportunity, whether it’s 1,10, or 10,000 opportunities,  we should work together to grab and develop them to open new horizons. He said that the community must be unified in order to build and achieve new milestones together, which is exactly why we’re here.

Lovin Riyadh focuses not only on what’s happening in the city, but also celebrates its continual trasformation, creative community, and sensational events in unity


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