Saudi Bans Fake Nails And Lashes For Female Restaurant Workers

Hera Shabbir

According to recent reports, the Kingdom has officially put a ban on fake eyelashes, nails, and nail polish for all female restaurant workers.

The ban is implemented to avoid any kind of food contamination

Similarly, the Kingdom’s Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing has prohibited the use of perfumes and aftershave products near exposed food items, such as meat and dairy products, to prevent contamination.

Also banned are loose jewelry, earrings, and wristwatches since they can harbor bacteria and dirt, causing contamination. However, tightly fixed items like one-piece circular earrings or plain rings are allowed.The ministry requires restaurant and food store workers to follow strict hygiene rules, especially in food prep areas, to prevent contamination and protect customers’ health.

Riyadh recently faced a severe food poisoning outbreak due to contamination

Over 30 people were hospitalized in the capital due to contamination in a Mayonnaise brand at a burger joint. The cause of the poisoning was traced back to clostridium botulinum, found in Bon Tum mayonnaise. The Kingdom has since implemented strict rules to ensure safety of food distribution.


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