Saudi Tightens Restaurant Food Regulations Following Riyadh Food Poisoning Crisis

Hera Shabbir

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing is shaking up the food scene by making it mandatory for restaurants and food outlets to create a cool tracking system for their ingredients and packaging. 📦🍽️

This new directive ensures that food operators can easily trace where their ingredients come from and how much they’ve got

Plus, it’s all about keeping the kitchen bacteria-free, with quick recalls and investigations if anything goes off track. The guides also insist that suppliers’ names be registered when the goodies hit the kitchen doorstep, using invoice or receipt vouchers to keep things official.

These rules come after over 70 people suffered severe food poisoning in Riyadh 

Around 35 people were hospitalized earlier this month due to the food poisoning cases in the capital. Out of those, 25 were released just last week!


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