A Delivery Rider Has Found A Cool New Way To Feed The Birds This Summer

Anika Eliz Baby

A lot can happen when innovation meets kindness. One delivery rider in Sharjah shows us the way!


A water feeder with a bucket and a plastic bag

Despite working a hectic schedule doing deliveries in one of the busiest restaurants in Sharjah, the man has been able to create and install several hydration pools around the area for birds to drink from.

All he uses are a bucket, a plastic bag, and lots of compassion.

Think about it- who understands the heat better than our delivery riders?


Image via Padma Rajawat @rajawat.padma

A community and nature hero

Such acts are so inspiring! It’s the smallest deeds that can make the happiest differences. So the next time you hear a bird chirp in Al Nahda Sharjah, know that they are truly happy and hydrated, all thanks to his efforts!



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