9 Reasons To Check Out This Indoor Summer Festival In Sharjah


Thanks to the latest RTA upgrades, like the new road that cuts traffic time or the ferry that can get you between Dubai-Sharjah in a jiffy, access to the Emirate has never been easier.

Travelling abroad can be a bit overrated during summer, especially since we’re perfectly situated in a country with SO many different Emirates’ to explore.

Sharjah Summer Festival is an ongoing funfair and festival for all ages, that’s a must to check out, from now until the 17th of August. Here’re the top 9 things to do when you visit:

9. Live entertainment shows including My Little Pony and Hotel Transylvania

Head on down to the Expo Centre and bring the little kiddos to sit back, relax and watch the shows.


8. There are hotel offers and stay-cay deals going around Sharjah ALL.MONTH.LONG!

From July 17 to August 17, you will be able to get a crazy hotel stay deals and retail offers all over Sharjah, which is pretty perfect if you want to relax and enjoy a stay-cay close to home.



7. If your kiddos love a good game of footie, wait till you see this Cartoon Network-inspired one

With a free football play pitch, this is an area to test your kicking and scoring skills.

Unleash your child’s inner Ronaldo by keeping them entertained at this pitch, FYI there’s an arts & crafts section too!

6. Gather up a team of 4 and enjoy some indoor volleyball

Sweltering heat stopping you from playing sports?

Keep moving this summer with a friendly 4-person volleyball game, either played with random peeps or those you know.


5. Don’t fret, the little ones can bounce around safely at the soft play areas

Bouncy castles, slides and all the colours a child loves to play pretend with.

Children AND adults will get to hop and chill on inflatables of varying kinds! WOOT!


4. Not had enough? There’s even a kids cinema with every Cartoon Network show ever made

Chill out on beanbags, grab popcorn and munch away to the scenes of Ben 10, Gumball, Powerpuff Girls and more.

3. Gamers will enjoy the Play Station area

Oh yes, a specific zone dedication to the Play Station gamers. They’ve got something for everyone!


2. Foodies, gather up!

Food trucks will be ’round to serve the munchiest of snacks at the Bold Zone area- where games and more entertainment await. Burgers, fries, soft-serves- yummm.


1. And the most exciting of all- the zipline!

As if all those other reasons weren’t enough, there’s going to be an indoor zipline too.

If you’re someone who chase the thrill of uncertainty, then going on this 6-metre high, 60 metre long zip line should be on your bucket list.

Excited for all of this Sharjah Summer yet?

The important bits:

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