You’re Basically Standing On A Cloud With These 9 Anti-Slip Bathroom Mats


Work from home life = Messy home situation.

And there are no two ways about that.

So get the mess a little under control by making small adjustments around the house like throwing in a mat or two, to keep the house from becoming a ‘high-school locker room’ mess after you step out of a shower, and make the bathroom a safe space for yo’self and the fam.

These 9 anti-slip and softeeeyyy bathroom mats will have your feet sinking in at contact, making you feel oh-so-relaxed in life. Plus, the water will get absorbed right away, so no more leaving trails of wet footprints around your house after a long steaming shower.

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9. If you’re somewhat accident-prone and end up ALMOST slipping every second day then please get yourself this Memory Foam Non-Slip Bathroom Mat, that’s really affordably priced

Promising review:

“Reasonable price for such a soft memory foam mat!”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 36.99 (down from AED 150.60).

8. This navy 3-piece velvet cotton bathroom carpet set doesn’t just look chic but also has microfibers for strong water absorption and quick-drying

Buy the 3-piece-set from Amazon for AED 42.99 (down from AED 132.99).

7. This Wave Pattern Bathroom Rug absorbs water and moisture, then dries nice and fast to prevent the buildup of mould, mildew and bacteria… noiicee

Buy it from Amazon for AED 45.80 (down from AED 78.20).

6. Make your bathroom a SAFE zone for yourself and the famjam with this stylish yet super effective 3-piece Graphic 3D Bathroom Nonslip Rug Set

Buy the 3-piece-set from Amazon for ONLYYYYYYYY AED 45.94 (down from AED 459).

5. This Soft Water Absorbing Bathmat issa guaranteed bathroom gamechanger in the quick way that it efficiently soaks up all the water

Promising review:

“I got a bit of extra water on mine the other afternoon as the shower spilt over. It felt sloshy to step on it that night, but by the next morning everything was dry. I didn’t even have to hang it outside to dry which was great.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 34.50 (down from AED 59.20).

4. A nice and darn effective lime coloured Non-slip Bath Shower Rug for those on a budget!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 7.05 (choose from 8 other colours on Amazon).

3. Can’t go to the beach? Get the beach to your bathroom with this non-slip Ocean Style Pedestal Rug, Lid Toilet Cover and Bath Mat Set

Promising review:

“Good for a beach house and matches the paper tissue box. A Great bathroom set.”

Buy the 3-piece-set from Amazon for AED 50.99 (down from AED 198).

2. Safeguard your full bathroom with this cloud-like soft 3-piece Anti-Skid and Washable Bathroom Mat Set

These rugs are super soft, cosy, skin-friendly plus they relieve pressure and fatigue on your feet.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 105 (down from AED 159), also available in 7 different colours.

1. If you’re fond of a good and tickling texture then deffo go for this 3-piece Anti-Slip Bathroom Rug Set

Buy the 3-piece-set from Amazon for AED 43.99.


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