A 15-Year-Old Girl Tragically Died After Falling From Her Building: Police Still Investigating


Aged at 15, a young girl passed away on the way to the hospital after falling from the 10th floor of her building in Sharjah.

The Sharjah police are on the case, investigating whether it was an accident or a case of suicide. The 15-year-old Indian girl was a student at the Indian school in Sharjah.

The police have called in the child’s parents to the Al Gharb Police Station for further questioning

The young girl was transferred to Kuwaiti Hospital around 10pm on Friday after the police and paramedics were alerted of the incident. She had suffered fatal injuries from the fall and pronounced dead on arrival at the Kuwaiti Hospital.

The police are still investigating the matter and have ordered a forensic examination to be carried out on the girl ’s body.

Last month, on November 23, a young Jordanian boy suicided after a heated argument with his father

According to Gulf News, the 16-year-old  teen jumped off the fourth floor of his building in Sharjah and passed away on the spot.


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