A Man Was Arrested For Murder In Less Than 36 Hours In Sharjah

Farah Makhlouf

In a swift and efficient response to a gruesome crime, the Sharjah Police managed to identify and apprehend a murder suspect within a mere 36 hours after a body was discovered in an industrial area on September 30.

Initial investigations revealed that the victim had been fatally stabbed with a sharp object

Sharjah Police embarked on a mission to quickly bring the perpetrator to justice. Within just 12 hours of launching their investigation, the police were able to successfully identify the murder suspect. Astonishingly, the suspect was revealed to be an illegal resident who had overstayed his residency visa.

They wasted no time in coordinating with their counterparts in the Dubai Police, who provided invaluable support in the apprehension of the suspect.

Working together seamlessly, the Sharjah and Dubai Police managed to track down and arrest the murder suspect in less than 36 hours after the discovery of the victim’s body

The recent murder case in Sharjah underscores the exceptional dedication and professionalism exhibited by the Sharjah and Dubai Police in ensuring the safety and security of their communities.

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