An Out Of Control Speeding Car Crashes Into A Petrol Station in Sharjah


A shocking incident that put the life of employees and pedestrians at a petrol station in danger has occurred in Sharjah. After a recklessly speeding driver in Al-Ittihad Road, lost control of his speed and vehicle only to crash into the station to cause a big and dangerous hit!

This is the CCTV footage of the incident from the station


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As you can see in the video, two of the petrol station employees were too close to the crash which caused them some injures that thankfully were only minor ones, and major damage to the station.

After the crash, the driver irresponsibly fled the scene, which caused Sharjah Police to go on the hunt for him. The authorities immediately took action to look for him and he was found and arrested.

The police now continue their investigation on the incident

A statement was put out by Sharjah Police, explaining the details of the incident and they confirmed the arrest of the reckless driver and the continuation of the investigation.

They also warned drivers to drive responsibly and to be careful of reckless speeding to avoid similar situations that could put their life and the life of others in danger.


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