CAFU Just Announced It’s Doing FREE DELIVERY… Permanently!


Quite possibly the most useful Dubai start-up to EVER enter our lives, CAFU is now offering FREE delivery… permanently.

Some background if you’ve yet to use this nifty app: CAFU lets you order contactless fuel-delivery wherever you are, it’s basically SUPER convenient for drivers and means you’ll NEVER have to wait in line at the petrol station again… the DREAM.

And now CAFU delivery is freeeeee!

BRILL news for all drivers, CAFU has announced it’s doing free delivery meaning you’ll ONLY pay for the petrol or diesel your order


No delivery charges! You’ll pay the regular fuel prices to get petrol or diesel delivered to your car

And NO, this isn’t some summer offer which you need to use by a certain date and there are ZERO catches. Simply sign up on the app and you can get your fuel delivered anytime, anywhere, for the SAME PRICE as the petrol station.

*Brb, downloads app!

Are you thinking of all the time you could be saving? All of those times you waited in queues and gone out of your way to find a petrol station in Dubai? Well, NO MORE friends!

And it’s alllll contactless! So whether you CAFU to Stay Safe OR Save Time, you’re covered!

Personally, I like to recommend CAFU to friends. I don’t drive but I do think the app is UNBELIEVABLY handy and more drivers need to be aware of it.


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The important bits

Get involved!

1. Download the app

2. Sign up and register your vehicle

3. Make an order and park outdoors

*CAFU delivers to Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Umm Al Quwain.


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