International Media Is Praising This Dubai Office For Its Coloured Wristbands


International Media Is Praising This Dubai Office For Its Coloured Wristbands

A Dubai company introduced coloured wristbands to signal the amount of social distancing employees are comfortable with and the story has been picked up by international media.

The New York Times, Reuters, The New York Post, to name just a few are praising Create Media Group for a simplified way in which employees can let others know what level of social interaction they’re comfortable with.

Boxes of wrist bands are placed at the office entrance. If you choose a green bracelet, you’re letting people know fist bumps are fine, yellow ones indicate you’re available for chats, but no touching, while red means you’re going to keep your distance.

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Are coloured wristbands the way forward? In a new world of awkward greetings, this is a genius move by Create Media!

It’s only The New York Times!

Anyone else finding hellos v socially awkward recently?

If you’ve been out and about in the last couple of weeks, you’ll notice there’s a significant difference in how people are treating this pandemic.

For starters; a simple greeting. Some are happy to jump in for a hug, like old times. Others are holding back.

Personally, if I wish to hold back, but notice the other person moving forward, part of me feels at fault for refusing the greeting. Which is why these coloured wristbands make so much sense. Let the wrist band do the talking, so you don’t have to.

Making greetings less awkward, and keeping Dubai safe… More of these around the city, please!


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Residents are being reminded to commute safely and to continue to follow the precautionary measures of personal hygiene to maintain their health and safety when out in public

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