Commuters Are Going To Pay A Little Extra For Taxi Rides As Petrol Prices Hike

Farah Makhlouf

As we all have devastatingly found out on the last day of June, the petrol prices for July have seen a hike. Effectively that made car-owners in the country line up at gas stations and fill their tanks before the new prices were implemented.

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So what does this mean for commuters?

RTA issued a statement that taxi fares will see a hike from this month due to the fuel prices

The increase in taxi fares will be calculated based on fuel usage per km, and it won’t affect the opening/booking fare charges. This will not only affect Dubai though!

Sharjah will also be tweaking taxi fares based on the UAE’s monthly change in fuel prices.

Uber Technologies sent out an email to its users stating that there would be an increase in ride prices in the UAE. The company announced an increase of up to 11% and included a new set of prices which were implemented from June 24.

Time to invest in electric cars, anyone?



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