Rain And Cloudy Skies To Persist All Week Long As Part Of Cloud Seeding Efforts Across The UAE 


Get ready to dance in the rain, folks! Monday morning greeted Abu Dhabi and Dubai with a delightful downpour, adding a splash of excitement to the country’s day.

Hold onto your brollies, because the National Centre of Meteorology took things up a notch by issuing an orange alert for certain parts of the capital.

They gave residents a heads-up, warning them to brace themselves for some adventurous weather throughout the week. NCM even tagged their rain updates with #cloud_seeding, confirming that the weather is a result of their ongoing efforts to cool the country during the scorching summer months.

In the latest forecast, NCM unveiled that more rain can be expected on Tuesday and a generous helping of cloudy conditions for the rest of the week. Abu Dhabi experienced a thrilling combo of rain, thunder, and lightning over the weekend, while Dubai was swept away by powerful winds and light to moderate showers.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority took to social media on Monday morning with an important message: They are urging all motorists to be extra cautious during wet weather and to play by the variable speed limits

Safety is the key, rain or shine!

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