Sharjah Police Arrested A Driver Who Was Involved In A Hit And Run Accident

Farah Makhlouf
hit and run

On Tuesday, July 26, a tragic hit-and-run incident in Sharjah left an Asian citizen severely injured after being run over on Second Industrial Street

This incident highlights the need for responsible driving and pedestrian safety in the emirate.

The driver, an unnamed Arab citizen, initially fled the scene after the accident. However, due to the swift response of Sharjah Police and their utilization of surveillance cameras, the authorities successfully tracked down the suspect and made an arrest.

According to the Sharjah Police, the Asian pedestrian crossed the road from a non-designated area, which likely contributed to the unfortunate accident

It’s crucial for pedestrians to use designated crossings for their safety and that of others on the road. Equally important, drivers must give priority to pedestrian crossings and exercise caution while driving, especially in busy areas.

Drivers play a crucial role in ensuring road safety. They must act responsibly and attentively at all times. Giving priority to pedestrian crossings and adhering to speed limits are vital aspects of responsible driving. When accidents do happen, drivers have a moral and legal obligation to provide assistance to those injured. Swift medical attention can save lives, and fleeing the scene only exacerbates the situation.

The hit-and-run incident in Sharjah serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of responsible driving and pedestrian safety. While the authorities have apprehended the driver responsible for the accident, it should serve as a wake-up call for all road users to exercise caution, follow traffic rules, and prioritize the safety of others.

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