Talabat UAE Will See Female Drivers


There’s something so beautiful when the doorbell rings and it’s your food at the door. The person who delivered it doesn’t just deserve that tip, they deserve the world because food is life. Talabat is the region’s leading food delivery service and they announced something abolsutely amazing!

Talabat pledged to hire 300 female drivers by the end of 2021 to improve gender equality and offer wider employment opportunities

Talabat aims to hire at least one new female driver per day until the end of the year

The UAE is the first country in the Arab world to bridge 71.6% of its gender gap, according to the Global Gender Gap Report 2021. Talabat’s pledge is in line with the UAE’s mission to create equal opportunities in the public sector while enhancing work environments across the nation.

14 female delivery drivers joined Talabat since April. They have been delivering food left and right across Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Talabat is on a mission to provide women more job opportunities and promoting overall gender balance. Talabat currently have 67% women in marketing roles, 43% in sales and 40% in management. These numbers are awesome and just the beginning.

At talabat, we pride ourselves for being a diverse organisation that takes large steps towards gender parity, empowering women to be change-makers across our many different departments. This is in addition to breaking stereotypes in traditionally male-dominated areas and creating new opportunities, most recently by introducing women to our riders fleet in the UAE

Jérémy Doutté, Vice President UAE at Talabat, said.

They have received an overwhelmingly positive feedback when they announced their first female delivery driver. Her name is Brenda, she is from Uganda and is a mother of two. We love seeing the gender gap being bridged!

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