The Ruler Of Sharjah Expressed His Disapproval Of Egypt’s Adding English Words To The Arabic Language

Farah Makhlouf

HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah took to ‘The Direct Line’ to express his disapproval of Egypt intentionally adding English terms to the Arabic language.

The ruler of Sharjah will be attending a conference in Cairo to discuss Egypt’s adding English words to the Arabic language

His Highness Sheikh Sultan will be attending the Arabic Language Academy conference in Cairo on October 2 to discuss all the foreign words registered in the last four years, including the word “trend”

Ultimately, his goal is to have them rethink their decision to register these words in Arabic. He stressed that “The use of foreign words has become excessive.”

“These words registered four years ago are not standardised,” Sharjah’s ruler continued, adding “People, on the other hand, act as if they are. As members of the Arabic Language Academy in Cairo, we now demand that the foreign words that have been registered be reconsidered. We do not wish to introduce new foreign terms into Arabic because of the violations that have happened.”

As for the word “trend,” His Highness is advocating that it be replaced with “mutadawal” or ‘qimat at-tadawul.’ (Most circulated and circulated).


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