The UAE Has Sent A 5th Plane Of Food And Medical Supplies To Ukraine

Farah Makhlouf

The UAE is lending a helping hand once again to Ukrainians, given their current circumstances.

This comes as part of providing relief support to the civilians who have been impacted and is in response to the international humanitarian appeal to support those who are displaced in Ukraine and the 4 million refugees in neighbouring countries.

The UAE has sent a fifth plane carrying 30 metric tonnes of food, medical and relief supplies to Ukraine, according to WAM

The UAE is keen to provide the necessary relief requirements in situations of conflict for civilians, especially women and children, in the current circumstances and resulting aggravated situation, particularly for Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries.

Salem Ahmed Al Kaabi, UAE Ambassador to Ukraine, said.

At the beginning of March, the UAE had airlifted aid that included tonnes of food items to Ukrainian authorities in Poland. It was to be transported inside the country or to help the Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

Since the crisis that took over Ukraine, the UAE has sent 2 planes of relief and medical supplies carrying 60 metric tonnes. This comes as part of the UAE’s announcement of humanitarian assistance worth US$5 million, in response to the United Nations’ urgent appeal. In addition, the International Humanitarian City in Dubai operated 2 planes carrying 124 metric tonnes, including relief supplies and shelter equipment.

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