Traffic Is About To Be More Sustainable In Sharjah!


Sharjah Police Launches Innovation Lab for Traffic Management

Brigadier General Abdullah bin Amir, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, emphasized the significance of the newly launched “Innovation Laboratory” during the UAE Innovation Month 2024. The lab aims to enhance police efforts in ensuring a sustainable traffic future by effectively managing data and analyzing traffic systems.

The event, themed “Towards a Sustainable Traffic Future,” took place at Sharjah Police headquarters and saw the attendance of several senior officials. In an interview with “Sharjah 24,” Brigadier General Abdullah bin Amir highlighted the lab’s role in fostering innovation to improve traffic management.

Enhanced traffic safety and better driving experiences ahead

He underscored that the initiative aligns with Sharjah Police’s commitment to leveraging modern technologies and innovative solutions to enhance traffic safety and driving experiences in the city, following global best practices.

Moreover, the Innovation Lab signifies Sharjah’s dedication to technological advancement across various sectors, emphasizing innovation as a vital tool for enhancing public services and residents’ quality of life.


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