A Ring Of Illegals Has Been Broken Up After They Began Exploiting Runaway Maids


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A group of illegals have been caught by the Sharjah police for ‘sheltering’ runaway maids in an abandoned farmhouse in Madam but exploiting them by making them work on hourly basis for part-time.

The exploitation reached the police due to one of the maids’ distress call 

Head of CID Department at the Central Region Police Station, Lt Col Mohammed Hamad Al-Tunaiji told Khaleej Times that they detected the illegal activities when a woman called the police saying people ‘forcibly held her in a closed room’ but when asked where it was located, she was not able to respond. 

The CID team then raided the farm where the two Asian women were discovered

The CID team completed legal procedures and then raided the farm located in Madam, Sharjah. Upon reaching, they saw the two Asian women and a group of men who lived with them. The men were reportedly a group of illegals and ‘absconders’, with others wanted for other crimes by the police.

During the investigations, they discovered that the maids were being exploited by working per hourly wage daily, only to have their pay taken from them by the illegals. 

All were transferred to public prosecution following their confessions.

The police stresses on ensuring any abandoned property is locked so no strangers can make use of it for any illegal activities. 


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