A Pilot Has Been Arrested For Raping A Woman From A Nightclub


A pilot living in Sharjah has been arrested for rape, and is on trial with Sharjah Criminal Court. 

The 36-year-old Arab national has been charged with rape, assault and consuming alcohol, and has lost his job as a pilot. 

The man reportedly offered the woman a ride from a nightclub to her home in Sharjah, which she accepted, saying he looked ‘decent’. 

The man and his friend drove the woman from Dubai to Sharjah, where the woman said the man snatched her phone from her while outside his apartment – forcing her to follow him into the house. 

The woman reported the incident to police, and forensic evidence showed evidence of violence, according to Khaleej Times. 

The accused man states that the woman came to his apartment of her own consent and that she accused him of rape after he refused to pay her an amount of money. 


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