A Tweet About Dubai’s Ambitions To Become The ‘Greatest Contemporary City In The World’ Has Sparked A Huge Debate


Sultan Al Qassemi, columnist, art enthusiast and much followed around the world for his views on all things the Middle East, is very outspoken on his views about his home country. He wants the best for the UAE. Yesterday, he posted a tweet saying ‘Dubai is not content to be the greatest contemporary city in the Middle East. It aims to be the greatest contemporary city in the world.’ He doesn’t say whether he thinks Dubai will achieve this or not, but many have responded with their opinions and the debate is interesting. 

FOR: It will be due to the leadership of HH Sheikh Mohammed

AGAINST: It will never be, it’s become too like Trump

FOR: It will happen as vision has been followed by action

AGAINST: Dubai is letting go too much of it’s identify

FOR / ON THE FENCE: The record speaks for itself but the jury is still out

AGAINST: Too many challenges lie ahead

AGAINST: It can never buy culture

Some just don’t get what a contemporary City is…

And what does Lovin Dubai think?

In our view, there isn’t any doubt that Dubai is fast becoming the ‘greatest contemporary city in the world ‘ and of its time. This is driven by the vision and leadership, but it is executed by the people who live here. Not just the projects that are completely, or the celebrations that take places. It’s the lives that are lived. That over 200 nationalities can live in harmony in one small, young city in this day and age is a great social experiment. The stories if the people you meet every day in the cafe’s, restaurants, building receptions or in any daily encounter is what makes this City great. What these people go on to create while living here make it contemporary, and the sum of all the parts make will make it the greatest contemporary city of our times. 


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