Take Note: Ramadan 2019 COULD Start On This Date


As the exact date for Ramadan to begin depends on the crescent moon sighting, it’s impossible to know the exact date until closer to the time, however a UAE astronomer has made a prediction, based on calculations.

A General Supervisor at the Sharjah Planetarium has suggested that Ramadan will fall on Monday, May 6, according to Gulf News.

Ebrahim Al Jarwan calculated that “the crescent will be formed on Sunday, May 5 at 2.46am, but will not be able to be seen after sunset. That is why then, that the month of Ramadan will start the next day on Monday as per the moon-sighting custom”.

There you have it, mark your calendars for May 6 (although, we will have to wait for the official UAE moon-sighting committees to firm up the date).


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