The Rescue Story Of A Mama & Her Pups Will Remind You The Importance Of Adopting And NOT Shopping!

Farah Makhlouf

Hundreds of strays around the UAE have to deal with all kinds of ill-treatment and harsh weather conditions.

It’s not a peachy world out there for strays, having to put up with the climate, abandonment, abuse, hunger, thirst… the list goes on.

So, when you have the opportunity to lend a helping hand, save lives and make a difference, make the most of it!

Here is an emotional story of how a Fujairah-based animal shelter, Animals and Us rescued a mama and her puppies from a hole in an abandoned building site

The family of doggos were rescued and taken into foster care by lovely expats who showered the strays with love, care and all the support needed to heal.

The caption of this 1-min long video reads,

“By continuing to support us and helping to keep our doors open, you are literally changing the lives of so many innocent and helpless animals ❤️.

By becoming a foster, you are offering scared and confused animals a sanctuary where they can feel safe and loved and begin their journey towards a forever home ❤️

Make a difference. Be the change. Save lives.”

Check out their website, here.


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11 puppies were found poisoned and dead in the same building on the day of the rescue

It is imperative that we start supporting these shelters that 100% rely on public support and donations in order to carry on saving and rehoming animals.

Animals and Us is run by Michelle Mathanda, a full-time teacher who juggles running the shelter and her teaching job at the same time

This goes story really does go on to remind us of the importance of adopting and NOT shopping (especially not breeding!).

Check out their website, here.

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