7 World Cup Jerseys To Cheer For Your Favourite Team

Noha Hatata

Ready to watch World Cup 2022,Here are 7 World Cup Jerseys To Cheer For Your Favourite Team!


7.England Jersery:

An Official Licensed Product, for England fans out there!

Price : AED 48.77


6. France Jersey:

The official shirt for all Les Bleus fans is here to grab.

Price : AED 48.77

5. Tunisia T-Shirt:

For all the “Nsoor Kortage” fans!

Price : AED 123.26


4. Morocco Jersey:

Because “Nsoor atlas” are going to fire up the stadium!

Price : AED 122.99


3. Portugal T-shirt:

Because everyone can’t wait to see Ronaldo’s scoring big goals this time.

Price : AED 41.72

2. Argentina Jersey:

For all the Argentina fans and Messi fans!

Price : AED 48.77

1. KSA T-shirt:

Al-Sqour El Khodr,cheer for the green team in this official KSA Jersey!

Price : AED 41.00


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