5 Popular Items To Prepare A Lunch Box That Kids Will Love

Noha Hatata

Want to make sure your kids eat the healthy food you pack them for school? Here are 5 Popular Items To Prepare A Lunch Bento Box That Kids Will Love!


5. A Multi Compartment Lunch Bento Box:

This Bento box set includes 2 bento boxes in different sizes and a magnetic meal planner. They come in  so many colours and prints that are seriously cute.

Promising Review: “It comes equipped with a decent fork and spoon the same colour as lunch box which is so cute.
The no-leak design is good for kids to keep in their school bag and the three small and one big compartments are good to give kids multiple snacks, salad etc.
This box is the perfect size for my lunches. Kids have no issues opening or closing it.”

Price :

4. Cute Animals Food Fork Picks:

Your kids will LOVE eating fruits and veggies with these picks, they’re just super adorable and functional.

Promising Review: “These are cute and have helped get my kids (1 and 4) to sit and focus on eating when they’re having a particularly distracted day. The pack includes picks of different sizes, with different numbers of prongs.”

Price : AED 38.00

3. A Gallon Water Bottle Pump:

Fill all your kids’ water flasks with ease with just a press of a button! This water pump will not only help you with your daily routine but will also be of great help on trips and gatherings.

Price : AED 13.00

2. Colorful Round Shape Cupcake Mould:

These silicone cupcake moulds will help you divide the portions and foods in the lunch boxes. 

Price : AED 10.30

1. Zipper Sandwich Bags:

These zipper-lock sandwich bags are a must-have for fresh sandwiches, bakery, and snacks!

Promising Review: “You can use it for the toasted sandwich or small bread but not enough for the big size bread.
I use it also for nuts saving and fruits. I like it :)”1

Price : AED 10.30


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