6 Practical Gifts Any University Student Will Appreciate

Noha Hatata


It’s back to school season and every uni student can use a nice gift that will make them excited for the new academic year. Here are 6 Practical Gifts Any University Student Will Appreciate


6. An Academic Planner:

It will be perfect for them to write and schedule everything down, get all their subjects organised and ready.

Price : AED 79.39

5. A Good Looking Functional Water Bottle:

These water bottles are so pretty and functional, it will keep any uni student hydrated as they can see how much water you’ve been drinking!

Price : AED 41.99

4. Air Pods Pro:

Every college student needs some Airpods! they’re essential to listen to music on the way, make phone calls, podcasts , online sessions…everything!

Price : AED 666.99

3. A Shower Caddy:
A shower caddy is a must-have for uni students who stay at dorms, so they can organise all their shower supplies and toiletries with no hassle

Price : AED 227.90

2. A Stationary Organiser:

This clear organiser is perfect for organising and sorting out stationery instead of stacking them in drawers. They will be visible and easy to access while studying.

Price : AED 124.00



1. A Lap Desk Pillow:

A lap desk that will make even lazier days more productive and comfortable.

Price : AED 153.29


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