8 Candy Boxes To Gift To The Sweetest People In Your Life

Noha Hatata

Candies will forever be the best gift to give to lovers, friends, kids or just anyone! if you’re looking for the best candy box, check these 8 Candy Boxes To Gift To The Sweetest People In Your Life!


8. For sour candy lovers; this super 1.5 pounds candy box is perfect to gift on a birthday or to get for your next party.

Promising Review: “So good! A variety of great quality sour candies that not only taste amazing but took my husband back to his childhood with the cry baby’s! Perfect gift for someone who loves sour candy!”

Price : AED 232.00


7. Las Posadas Mexican Candy Assortments, these sweet and spicy candies are for people who love to get back to the memories of their childhood in Mexico and others who are just insane about rich Mexican flavours.

Promising Review: “I ordered some assorted Mexican candies for my mom and I. They provided enough candies to sample different flavors.
I got to try the Lucas Muecas once more, one of my favorite childhood candies.
This is a great option to take to the work lunch room if you would like to share them with coworkers.”

Price : AED 136.00

6. This Lindt Lindor Assorted Gift Box, is an elegant gift box for all the chocolate lovers, it is a great gift for friends, coworkers, your SO, or yourself!

Price : AED 33.05

5. These Dagashi Japanese candies are a perfect gift for kids and adults! indulge in the different flavours of these candies while watching your favourite show.

Price : AED 134.00

4. For Coffee lovers, these coffee candies taste so amazing and they will satisfy their sweet tooth anytime of the day.

Promising Review: ”

My husband got me these for my birthday because I’m a coffee lover! These are by far the best tasting coffee confection I’ve ever tried.

They are delicious as is but also make a banging cotton candy too! These would be a great gift for someone who enjoys coffee. It’s a good value for the money too I’ve been eating them regularly for over a month and barely put a dent in this container.”

Price : AED 121.00

3. Gift these Gummy Fruit Candy Variety Pack for gummy candy lovers , kids or adults, and watch the happiness on your face.

Price : AED 195.00

2. These vegan gummies are the perfect gift for the vegan people in your life who struggle to find the perfect tasteful candies!

Price : AED 49.99


1. The most delicious combinations of sweet and sour, a box filled with OREO Mini Cookies, CHIPS AHOY! , Nutter Butter Bites and SOUR PATCH KIDS.

Price : AED 192.00


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