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7 Fitness Items That Will Help You Get Back To Working Out

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If you’ve been wanting to get back to workout for some time and waiting for some helpful ways to get back on track, Check these 7 Fitness Items That Will Help You Get Back To Working Out


7. A leak proof marked water bottle with motivational phrases. Now you can keep your water intake up all day and when you workout.

Promising Review: “Easy to use, easy to carry, perfect water bottle.
This water bottle was great! It’s shaped in a way that you can grab it with one hand, so super easy to drink from. I have dropped it on the concrete floors of the warehouse I work in and it still works! It is pretty good about not leaking. I love the fact that I just have to fill this twice and boom! You drank a gallon! It’s one of my favorite bottles now.”

Price :

6. A thick textured yoga mat that will provide comfort for your wrists and joins while you while do your yoga and Pilates

Promising Review: “My usual pain point with mats is that there isn’t enough cushion (or too much cushion). This mat is perfect in terms of the thickness, as well as other elements – like the form lines available to help you maintain form, and the texture which doesn’t shed off and stick to your clothes either. And even the colour – its bright and makes me want to get on to the mat and work out!”

Price : AED 69.99


5. Some accurate high-quality exercise cards with instructions for body weight workouts. No need for apps or screens, these will help you start working out easily and you can take them anywhere!

Promising Review: “These are perfect for what I need, I want to work out at home and away as I work away alot but find it difficult to find what I want online and I don’t have fancy equipment. The cards are really easy to follow from beginner to advanced, the instructions are very clear and absolutely perfect for what I wanted. The only disappointment is the supporting apps are only available on IOS and I have android but they are not essential just an added extra. I still highly recommend them.”

Price : AED 89.99

4. A trusty jogging stroller, that will help you get back on track and get your baby with along. You’ll feel like you’re being yourself again while entertain your little precious one.

Promising Review: “What an amazing stroller so smooth! I have gone to the beach and driven it on the sand and the although the ride to tough the ride is smooth and the wheel don’t sink like my previous stroller. We also used it for hiking and no problems at all. Travels over roots without a problem”

Price : AED 3,099.84


3. Get a boxing punching bag, you’ll release all the stress and feel great after every workout! 

Promising Review: “Bought this due to lack of weekly boxing classes at my local gym, I usually spar with a friend but this boxing ball is the next best thing. It’s sturdier than I was expecting and can take a good thump. Really pleased with it.”

Price : AED 235.00

2. If you like yoga or just prefer to workout at home, protect your feet with some toeless grip socks. They will keep you from slipping while you enjoy your exercise.

Promising Review: “Nice material, suitable for size 9 (it really stretches) and helps a lot with holding my pose on the yoga mat no matter how sweaty i am!”

Price : AED 49.97

1. Ditch the bulky dumbbles and get some exercise bands that are marked by weight. They take literally no space and less likely to cause any accidental injuries.

Promising Review: ” Complete Workout Equipment! A quality product with multiple variations of a workout as per my schedule. This makes workout at home very easy it almost covers all exercise that keeps me fit. I can put weights as per my requirement just by increasing or decreasing bands quantity. Recommended for all fitness freaks.”

Price : AED 44.99


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