Shop These 5 Cleaning Supplies At Their Discounted Rates Because Hygiene Is CRUCIAL Right Now


You know what they say, a clean home is a happy home… or a healthy home… one of the two but you get the point.

Once you’re equipped with the best, durable, easy-to-use and effective cleaners and detergents, your cleaning job becomes a piece of cake.

Get rid of those pesky stains and burned-on spills with these 5 cleaning supplies from Amazon that are on a MAJOR discount right now. So now is better than ever to bulk up on these cleaning supplies (this ongoing flu season) and keep your home spick and span.

(Prices are subjected to change depending on the demand of the item).

5. Dac Disinfectant Gold Floor Cleaner– Down from AED 35.30 to AED 29.25 

Plus the lavender smell is just a BONUS! Buy it from Amazon NOWWW!

4. Save 20 bucks when you buy the Dettol Healthy Kitchen Power Cleaner And Bathroom Power Cleaner Trigger Sprays from Amazon

You can now buy it for AED 19.90 from the site! Woooop, issa bargain indeed!

3. A 2+1 offer on the Harpic Toilet Cleaner Liquid Active is UNFORGIVABLE to miss out on

Ouuu plus it’s the fresh pine scent! Buy it from Amazon for AED 21.50.

2. Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner Fresh Scent: Buy the pack of 2 for only AED10

Avail the offer directly from Amazon.

1. Harpic Toilet Block Fresh Power 6 Summer Breeze (Value Pack)

An essential for every household, plus it lasts up to 4 weeks! Buy it from Amazon for AED 22.71.