Live Green! 6 Sustainable Products To Start Eco-Friendly Living

Noha Hatata

Living green is not a difficult thing to do. Here are 6 Sustainable Products To Start Eco-Friendly Living today!


6. Eco-friendly Toilet Paper:

Bamboo toilet paper with Plastic-free packaging and colorful wrapping is so cute and sustainable.

5. Eco Friendly Pens with Low-Waste Packaging:

As the uni season approaches, you’ll use more of these. No more unnecessary plastic waste from empty pens.

Price : AED 159.61

4. Sustainable Bamboo Dishcloth & Cleaning Cloths 

These bamboo cleaning cloth are environmentally friendly. You can scrub your dishes, fruits & veggies, and even clean your home appliances without scratches!

Price : AED 83.00


3. Bamboo & Stainlessteel Double Edge Safety Razor:

Ditch your plastic razors for this bamboo one that will last you for a long time and will give you a great shave. It is compatible for both men and women.

Price : AED 128.00

2. Sustainable Sand Trucks For Kids:

These cute sand trucks are made from wheat straw. They are sturdy, colourful and suitable for kids starting 18+ months.

Price : AED 140.00

1.Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap Set:

Wrap your kids lunches and any type of food in your kitchen with this beeswax paper. it’s healthy and a sustainable option that will replace plastic film.

Price : AED 40.00



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