Tiktok Made Me Buy It: Aesthetic Floating Lamp & Wireless Charger

Noha Hatata

This mind blowing lamp has been all over Tiktok and it looks like it comes from the future!

@heartdefensor amazon keeps taking my money 🥲 levitating bulb lamp with wireless charger link in bio #amazonfinds #amazonmusthaves #tiktokmademebuyit ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell

This impressive floating lamp floats Without any support or contact since it is uses magnetic magnetic levitation technique. It also has a wireless charger so you can charge your beneath.

Promising Review: “Beautiful and works like a charm.
One thing you need to be careful: never unplug it while bulb is levitating, it will just drop and it’s glass ; )”

Price : AED 248.00


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