5 Clever Items To Pamper Your Precious Kitty

Noha Hatata

These furry little creatures deserve to get all your love ,here are 5 Clever Items To Pamper Your Precious Kitty


5. Cat Water Fountain:

Pets, especially cats love drinking from a fountain. Water from a fountain feels a lot fresher and relaxing for your pets. 

Promising Review: “My babies are so happy with this water fountain. They not only drink the water but also spend time looking at it. Maybe they are curious how the water keeps running 😂😂😂”

Price : AED 79.99

4. A Cat Massager Station:

This Cat It Senses Massage Centre will make your kitty Purrr with love!

Price : AED 95.00

3. Anti Splashing Cat Litter Bin:

This top Entry Anti-Splashing Cat Toilet will keep the bad smells away! you can easily clean it by pulling the litter drawer.

Promising Review: “My cat used to spill the litter all over the place.
With this new box, looks like the problem is solved. She still is learning how to open the door, what so far, it’s amazing! besides it look very nice inside​ of my bathroom. Drawer for cleaning litter easy no need to dissemble, no litter scatters IF using pallet shaped litter. good for travel as its dissemble and be taking away with you or stored away.”

Price : AED 199.00

2. Kitty Hair Brush:

Massage and brush your kitty’s hair with this amazing cat brush, helps with shedding and cleans with a press of a button! it’s a win win buy!

Price : AED 45.99

1. Macrame Hanging Kitty Bed:

A décor piece that will add some coziness to your space and help your kitty to chill, we love this hanging Macrame Cat Bed.

Promising Review: “My cat just jumps on and off and really loves it. Mostly sleeps on it as well as it’s very comfortable for her. One of the best hammocks given the quality fabric.”

Price : AED 49.99


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