5 Purr-ific Pet Products That Will Make Them LOVE You

Noha Hatata

Your little fur ball will love you no matter what, But you’d love to know they’re just even more comfortable than ever.


5. This amazing automatic dog & cat feeder, that you can schedule up to 6 meals a day!

Price : AED 338.90

Promising Review:

”Super easy to set up (which was a worry prior to buying). I got a HoneyGuardian sensing water fountain also. They both look very classy, definetely lifted up my living room. The food capacity is quite large. The feeding tray could have been higher, but I’m sure I can do a quick fix on that easily. The overall quality and reliability feeling is top notch. Time will test for sure. The idea of not worrying about the labor side of feeding and automating is worth the spend.

‘I’ve studied all similiar products and was a bit attracted to wifi options, etc. Just in case while I’m away, whether the device will keep on functioning properly etc. But, I’m glad I’ve chosen this one. I believe the confidence of reliability will build over time. Furthermore, I’ve got some other smart systems and camera in my room, hence I’d be able to keep an eye while I’m away.”


4. Get your fluffy one this SUPER comfy upholstered pet bed with high-loft orthopedic cushion support

Price : AED 224.60


3. Your little pet will go ZEN with a calming oil diffuser like this Natural De-Stress and Calming Plug-In Diffuser

Promising Review: “My cat has been meowing more than usual lately especially at night and we can’t sleep. He’s also picking fights with my other cat for no reason. I think the extra noise is stressing him as we’re all home (it’s noisy and we don’t go out as often as before).
I saw reviews of this product and had my doubts but became so frustrated I just bought it hoping it would work.
The diffuser was packaged well. There was no product leaking and a paper ring was included which attaches to the bottle neck, this collects possible leaks when in use. I loved that it also had a sample pet wipe. 😊”

Price : AED 104.00


2. If you’re pet is a quick eater and gets stomach aches all the time, Then you’ll appreciate this FafaLi Slow Feeding Snuffle Mat

Price : AED 87.50

1. Big dogs can ruin their stuffed toys quickly, get’em this rope toy set that can take the wear and tear!

Price : AED 158.98


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