6 Top Rated Products For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs

Noha Hatata

Does your precious dog have a sensitive tummy? If so you don’t need to worry. Check these top-rated things for dogs with sensitive stomachs!


6. This slow pet feeder is perfect for when your doggo gulps their food so quick that cause him tummy aches. It will help him eat slowly so he doesn’t feel bloated

Price : AED 29.99

5. These Zesty Paws Omega Bites in chicken flavour will improve your doggo’s digestion and help him get necessary nutrients in. Dogs love it and you’ll notice a remarkable change in their health

Promising Review: “Just receive it and give a bite to my puppy! He loves it!
My Pomeranian boy starts his monkey phase, shedding a lot! Hope this product help to grow his adult fur as fast as possible!
Will update the review about the result.”

Price : AED 209.20

4. If your dog’s tummy is super sensitive to dairy or gluten, Then you’ll definitely need these natural dog chews that have no lactose, gluten, or grains.

Promising Review: “Fantastic chews, expensive, shame they are not marketed here by the company to get the price down! bought them home and my puppy loves them, it’s taken 4 weeks and still, my dog hasn’t made a huge dent in it, it keeps her amused for hours and doesn’t upset her stomach, considering how sharp her puppy teeth are it great they last so long and they do help to stop her chewing other things!”

Price : AED 208.57 (AED 463,488.89 / kg)

3. This is one of the top-rated supplements that have fast-acting probiotics, necessary for digestive support for Dogs.

Promising Review: “5 stars for this as it works well on my 13 yr old Shih-Tzu who was recently diagnosed with colitis and put on tablets with steroid injection. I waited until his treatment was finished and started to put this in his food and he ate it! I was thrilled as he is a fussy eater and this puts the good flora back into him after his colitis medication. He’s doing great with it and has no flare. Happy dog = happy me! Highly recommended!”

Price : AED 83.63


2. Your dog will love you when they get these tablets that have Prebiotics to support gut health, people  swear by how effective and appealing they are

Promising Review: “Let me tell you this Yorkie is a picky eater and she eats this Probiotic all I have to do is break it down for her since they are bigger meat tablets. I gave her the tablet the first time and she did not even want to mess with it. So now I have to break it off for her and she loves it. She has had a very sensitive stomach so I use this with a combination of good quality dry food and no more problems. I’m so glad I found them”

Price : AED 102.56

 1. You’ll appreciate this slow feeding snuffle mat when you see your dog training to eat slowly and get better digestion

Price : AED 87.50


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