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5 Genius Pet Products Every Paw-ernt Needs To Own

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Some pet products are just so useful you can’t miss on owning one. Check these 5 Smart Pet Products You Wish You Owned A Long Time Ago



5. An Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box that reviewers swear by! save your self all the effort and scooping.

Promising Review: “Our cat took to it instantly. All smells are gone and I’m not cleaning a smelly litter box any longer. Cat will sit amused after watching it rake.”

Price : AED 958.02


4. Comfort Portable Foldable Pet Bag is Airline Approved. So you can take your pup or kitten on a road trip or to the beach with no hassle.

Price : AED 104.80



3. Get your doggos some pretty kicks. These Dog Shoes for bigger dogs will protect your dog’s paws from heated pavement and dirty floors while taking daily walks.

Promising Review: “They are neoprene with rubber soles and velcro reflective straps! I put them on my dog and she started walking in them like she’d been doing it her whole life! Then she ran in them as all people do in new kicks!”

Price : AED 114.38



2. A car rear seat cover that will protect your dog from slipping forward and protect your leather seats. You can easily clean and wash this one.

Promising Review: ” Amazing product for protecting your car when driving your pet. It’s as describe and the delivery was fast and well packaged. Highly recommend for pet owners.”

Price : AED 80.00


1. You don’t have to get close and personal with your pets wastes, get yourself an extended litter scooper like this one and make your life easier.

Price : AED 29.67


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