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8 Essential Pet Products That Are Worth The Splurge

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Looking for some really useful items that will make you and your furry one happy? check out these 8 Essential Pet Products That Are Worth The Splurge


8. A smart dry food dispenser like this Mofish 6L Automatic Feeder. This one is Wi-Fi enabled. You can also record a message for your pets and control it through a mobile app!

Price : AED 299.00

7. Another pet feeder for cats and puppies that is loved by many reviewers! this one is 2.8litres , and can be controlled through an app.

Price : AED 519.00


6. This professional gadget is just brilliant! neabot P1 Pro Grooming Kit & Vacuum Suction

Promising Review: “I just ordered and tried this machine for the first time. I am blown away…it far exceeded my expectations.
I have a poodle mix that has thick curly hair and it cut it and sucked all the hair right into the vacuum with zero mess.
Don’t even blink at the price as it’s worth every single penny. This pays for itself in two groomings! Its so well-made, is super easy to use, and works exactly as you would want it to”

Price : AED 857.12

5. Furhaven Bed For Dogs And Cats, it is so comfortable for older dogs too . This quilted sofa bed will be your pet’s favourite spot to lounge all day instead of your own settee. Theis lounger also comes in so many colors and sizes to match the décor of your own home!

Price : AED 268.27

4. An Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box that reviewers swear by! save your self all the effort and scooping.

Promising Review: “Our cat took to it instantly. All smells are gone and I’m not cleaning a smelly litter box any longer. Cat will sit amused after watching it rake.”

Price : AED 958.02

3. These pet stairs for little dogs are so cute, they’re gonna help them climb up and down the sofa and double as a storage place!

Price : AED 126.99

2. Your little friend will go ZEN with a calming oil diffuser like this Natural De-Stress and Calming Plug-In Diffuser

Price : AED 104.00

 1. If you’re dog is a quick eater and gets stomach aches all the time, Then you’ll appreciate this FafaLi Slow Feeding Snuffle Mat

Price : AED 87.50


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