8 Adorable UAE Souvenirs To Give Away When Travelling Abroad

Noha Hatata

Travelling back to your second home or just visiting another beautiful country with people you love ? then you must’ve thought about getting some delightful souvenirs to put smiles on their faces! Here are 8 Adorable UAE Souvenirs To Give Away When Travelling Abroad



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8. This UAE Heritage Handmade Painted Ceramic with the signature camel is great souvenir people will love!

Price : AED 40.00

7. This cute multicolored camel keychain is the perfect functional souvenir to stock up on for your loved ones abroad.

Price : AED 23.50

6. Your mom friend will love this useful tote bag with Arabian vibes design that also features their favourite travel destination!

Price : AED 24.50


5. A Plush toy camel that both kids and adults will love! 

Price : AED 36.70

4. An elegant frame that will light up to show this cute “love from Dubai” design.

Price : AED 35.00

3. This ashtray is a souvenir for people who are collectors who will love to use it on their coffee table or souvenir shelf.

Price : AED 32.00

2. People who enjoy puzzles will be so happy to receive this Downtown Dubai puzzle that will look amazing after being finished.

Price : AED 200.00

1. Another stylish keychain with Dubai themed design that doubles as a portable bottle opener.

Price : AED 12.00


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