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6 Family Travel Hack Items To Make The Most Out Of Your Next Trip

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If you’re planning to travel with your precious family soon, travel smooth and worry-free with these 6 Family Travel Hack Items To Get The Best Out Of Your Next Trip

6. Keep away bug bites and all the complications that come with them with this bug repellent spray made of natural ingredients! This one can be used by kids and adults because of the non toxic natural ingredients 

Promising Review: ” wanted a non-DEET repellent because of our 2yr old and she has eczema. I found this product and reading reason some of the favorably reviews I decided to try it out. I have always attracted mosquitoes (always the one to get bitten in a group) and recently I went on a camping trip and for once in my life I did not get bitten, not even once.”

Price : AED 114.11

5. These silicon Collapsible Water Bottles will save you money and effort to buy water when a family member needs to drink. They’re easy to refill and tuck away when not used.

Promising Review: “Exactly what I wanted. Will be perfect for travel. Just hold from bottom or top because, it is squishy so common sense it will splash. No odour or taste. I bit the bullet and splurged on this after looking at many and am very happy with it.”

Price : AED 62.11

4. These Squeezable Silicone Travel Size Toiletries Containers are a must-have for travel. You can store special shampoos or skin care creams without having to carry full-size toiletries or buy new travel-size ones.

Promising Review: “Cute little bottles will not leak no matter how much pressure you put on it once closed properly. Got the small ones as they are convenient for one time use. This bottles are reusable easy to clean as it has wide opening. Good quality silicon material”

Price : AED 55.80


3. Store and organize all your cosmetics, toiletries, grooming kits, or anything else with one of these bag organizers. It’s just brilliant and you can hang it in the bathroom for easy use!

Promising Review: “I love it !! So many compartments! And good quality travel bag!”

Price : AED 85.88

2. An anti-blister balm for the family to prevent and cure these annoying blisters from long walks or uncomfortable sandals.

Promising Review: “In combination with a good pair of well-fitting shoes, this product absolutely saved my feet during long walking days at Walt Disney World. For the first time ever, I didn’t even get one blister, even though my shoes weren’t really broken in. This is a must-have for any occasion which requires a great deal of walking. I will certainly purchase more in the future.”

Price : AED 55.17

1. With a fun, Swimline Game Station Set like this one, just chill with your fam and enjoy these water chairs and floating table. You’ll definitely be impressed by how much you can enjoy playing cards while floating next to your kids!

Promising Review: “Loved the water table and chairs, I often use just the chair to lounge around in the lake while I keep an eye out for my boys who are swimming. It is so much more comfortable than just standing around waiting for them to finish swimming when I’ve already had my fill. It gets them a lot more time staying in the water. I would highly recommend this product. It is great value for a great price.”

Price : AED 367.00


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