Resident’s AirPods Were Returned After Forgetting Them In A Taxi

Mayar Ibrahim

Abu Dhabi is constantly proving how safe it is! A taxi driver found himself in possession of airpods that a resident forgot in his cab. However, this story has a happy ending ’cause the airpods were returned to her.

You read that right! A resident forgot them in a cab but the airpods were returned to her in the end

Sapna Gill, @sapnagill_official, got out at her destination and after a while she realised that her airpods weren’t on her. So, she filed a lost item report with Abu Dhabi Taxi and went about her day. The next day she put on her detective cap and tracked her airpods’ location. Luckily for Ms. Sapna she lives in Abu Dhabi! The taxi driver kept her belongings safe for when she arrived and… You guessed it! Her airpods were returned to her safe and sound.

airpods were returned

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